Fashion requires a lot of contemplation and consideration, especially when it drives our first impression. Styling and fashion are complex and tricky for different people with different body types. 

Fashion for guys can come with its own set of advantages and challenges. To manage all the pros and cons of men’s fashion, learn about some interesting styling tips that can instantly enhance your look. 

Four Tips To Put an End to the Fashion Failures 

Styling your clothes the right way helps mitigate the challenges and maximizes the benefits offered by your structure. It is all about finding the right hack, and here are a few tips that you can consider to up your fashion game:

If It Does Not Fit, Get Rid of It!

For skinny tall guys, falling into any extremities when it comes to fitting can be a problem. T-shirts that are too baggy don’t help you accentuate your figure, and clothes too tight are uncomfortable. Consider getting t-shirts that are just the right amount of baggy, even casual ones, so that you can show off your physique while being comfortable. If tailoring your clothes is strenuous, you can find perfectly fitting apparel at Lee. The variety of sizes and styles in t-shirts, skinny jeans, and shirts will flawlessly match your build. 

Layer All The Way

Layering your clothes is one of the most flattering dressing styles for men. Layering adds structure and definition to your frame. Wear a statement shirt or t-shirt and layer it with blazers, jackets, sweaters, or coats. You can wear flannels over hoodies instead of a jacket for a lighter look. Layering is a phenomenal way to experiment with your outfits.

Wear Your Math Cap and Understand Body Proportions

Observe the area that carries your height. For a long torso with short legs built, a long-line t-shirt with high rise pants helps balance the height. If you have a shorter torso and longer legs or have a tall, skinny frame, mid to low rise jeans help do the trick. These styles aid you in achieving a visually balanced look.

Pinstripes is a NO (Trust Us On This!)

Vertical stripes elongate your build, making you look extra slim and tall. This may be good for a short torso but not for a skinny and tall build. Pinstripes are essential if you want to downplay your height. Nonetheless, if stripes are your vibe, add them in other forms to the outfit but ensure the stripes are not vertical. 

Final Takeaway

Use these tips, and trial and error your way to finding the right styling scheme for your build. Don’t rule anything out without trying it on. You always need to find out what style, color, or fit works for you. 

If you want to stick to a label that offers sizes that fit like a second skin, Lee is the brand for you. Find the perfect pair of jeans, t-shirts, and outerwear that makes the best outfit guys. From an array of colors to urban fits, shop your ideal look from Lee today!

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