Wearing the right colors that complement your skin tone can revitalize your look. However, choosing the perfect shade can be a little tricky. 

If you are one of those stylish men out there looking for some ideas to make effortless clothing choices, you have landed in the right place. Keep reading to discover more about the role of classic colors in men’s fashion and how you can make a better choice of color combinations for your attire. 

Try These Classic Color Combos

Just like good quality clothing, getting the perfect color combination for men is crucial. However, you don’t need to be a fashionista to learn what goes perfectly with your style. Below we have listed some contemporary yet classic clothing colors for men to make your shopping easy. 

Navy Blue And White-A Classic Combo

Navy blue and white colors are the classic choices among men. For instance, the color contrast between white t-shirt teamed with a navy blue jacket will pop up your appearance, especially for dark skinned Indian men. Moreover, this inspiring combo is a classic, and gives you a timeless look.

Blue And Black-The Rulebreakers

Blue and black is the best color combination for men with any skin tone, be it for any casual occasion. A black sweatshirt and blue regular fit jeans, will seamlessly blend with your complexion, making your personality and style quotient stand out further.

Black And White-The Perfect Combo

Black and white is the evergreen and neutral color. This combination for men with a dark complexion is an essential as it will accentuate your deep tone. This combination works wonders for minimalists; you can pair a white shirt with black jeans or trousers to exude a calm and relaxed vibe.


Avoid These Clothing Shades 

There are colors that usually don’t compliment the skin tone of Indian men. Here are some:

  • Stay Away From Brown – Since brown is a shade closer to the skin tone of the person, that can fade out the entire look. Hence, it is better to stick to khaki instead.
  • Steer Clear Of Light Green – Light shade colors generally suit all men. Dark skinned men may appear washed-out with this shade. They can try shades such as purple or plum instead.

Wrapping Up

Fashion is all about confidence - confidence in your body shape, size and skin tone. Lee is all about embracing your body and flaunting it with the best color combinations from the myriad of options available.

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